Valentine’s Day Approaches



Some Changes

The floor tiles are now rendered at 32×32 (just stretched 16×16 images), which leads to quicker map creation and lower ram and gpu requirements. I also think that it makes it easier to determine what tile is what. Other than that, I’ve been working on server and client stuff more: ClientEntities, ServerEntities, ClientWorld, ServerWorld. My map editor is getting a bit more fleshed out as well:

javaw 2013-01-29 00-14-34-44

I’ve got a pallet working and errthang. I’ll eventually add rectangle/line/fill tools for the editor.

Premature Optimization

You know how they say that, for the most part, it’s the root of all evil? I’ve experienced this firsthand.

I tried to change a bit of the UI code to not have every input consumer check to see if the game container size changed every frame, and it ended up taking way too much time and effort, so after a while, I reverted back to my old code. I wouldn’t mind having code simplicity instead of 1 extra frame every second or two.

Anywho, I have been working on more net code and UI stuff, and I hope to have a playable something relatively soon, even if that something is just multiple people connecting to the same server and moving around.

Net Progress

The initial handshake between the server and clients has been created. I had countless errors for the longest time because I was misremembering how to properly use Kryonet, but creating net code from here on out should go much more smoothly.

Beginning Visuals

Here, I show a rudimentary main menu, entity physics, map loading and editing, and the three different planes (red, green, and blue). Things, such as spells, will act differently depending on what plane you are in. The crazy colors in the background are generated by perlin noise and act as “lava”. I forgot to untick the hide cursor option in fraps before recording this. “Heroes of Fish” is a working title. The “Start Server” button does not create a server yet, and server creation and joining will eventually launch you into a lobby instead of straight into the game.

The Beginnings

Basic functionality is in. I can switch between game states, go into and out of fullscreen, load, save, edit, and explore maps, and create entities with physics handlers. I got fed up with other UI libraries, so I am making my own UI classes (buttons and whathaveyou), so we’ll see how that goes. The next step is hooking all of this up to servers and clients, and that will take a bit.