Some things have changed! I am taking this in a slightly different direction (for better or worse). Instead of having a number of rounds, there is just one round per game, and it is similar to Super Smash Brothers in that players respawn after a certain amount of time. A team would be declared the winner when they reach a certain number of kills or when a timer runs out (which’ll be chosen by the host). To make up for not going to the shop between rounds, players are only able to shop when they are dead. This changes a whole lot of things about the core gameplay, but I think that it will turn out better due to the fact that this system will let the players play more.

This also opens up potential interesting elements. Since rounds will be much longer, I probably won’t have the lava slowly creep in as it did in Warlock. Instead, I will look into tile-manipulating spells and cool game modes.


First Spells, Circle Spawns, New Visuals

This is my first video showing off the new background visuals, whaddayathink? I took all the pains of making it look 3D without doing 3D math, and it runs well. I made my perlin noise function faster and added a “Circle Spawn” button to the editor to set where people spawn. The inventory still needs some work. There was a bug at the end where a tether didn’t disappear, so I’ll have to look into that, too. The spells right now are pretty basic ones: plasma ball and tether correlate to fireball and link in Warlock.


Here’s the updated editor! More to come: line/rectangle/oval/etc tools03-15-2013 (15-49-55-702)

Item Shop

03-15-2013 (15-50-21-896)

Just One Lone Dude

03-15-2013 (15-50-25-715)

03-15-2013 (15-50-42-031)

Firing the “Plasma Ball”

03-15-2013 (15-50-54-255)

Just Four Lone Dudes. People spawn equidistant from each other no matter how many players there are.03-15-2013 (15-51-49-391)

Tethering action

03-15-2013 (15-52-41-429)

If your cooldown is low enough, you can tether multiples!

03-15-2013 (15-53-00-571)

03-15-2013 (15-53-15-637)

Exploding plasma ball

03-15-2013 (15-53-21-508)

03-02-2013 (17-42-19-497)

I changed the way the background renders: it now is pseudo-3D, and the world “breathes” by raising and lowering the heights of the squares. I also got a lot of netcode out of the way and am getting dangerously close to an alpha 😀