Starting, Joining, Classes, Pets

04-11-2013 (21-06-02-932)

04-11-2013 (21-06-38-551)

Starting and joining a server has become more advanced! I’ve made a server list refreshing button (as seen in the top-right of the bottom picture) that reloads the server list. Of course, this will all be formatted better soon. I also have fleshed out gameplay ideas and will need to spend a bit more time than I previously thought before I can release a testable, public version.


  • There will be classes, and each class has two special spells that they start with. Ex: a “healer” class will start with a decent team heal and some kind of healing “pet”
  • One of the two spells that each class starts with will be a “pet” spell. A pet spell is any spell that will go in the direction of where you right click when you hold down Alt, so they might not be the stereotypical “pets” of other games. Ex: Maybe some class has a smart bomb that moves where they click and detonates when it gets close enough to an enemy.
  • Excluding class spells, players will only be able to chose one movement spell, one resistance spell, one support spell, and one tile manipulation spell. This is mainly so that games don’t become dumb and chaotic and so classes can be more niche. This leaves two spell slots for spells not under any of these categories.


A considerable amount of things have been accomplished!

  • I’ve set up a VPN with Linode to host some new software I made: a server list… server! This’ll send players a list of servers currently in lobbies that they can join
  • Netcode is more efficient due to condensing position information and due to the newly created SimpleProjectileSpellParts that only tell clients their position and velocity once
  • The host can choose how many people can join (up until 12 for now, but I’ll probably have more players later because LAN would be able to handle it)
  • The host can also choose how many teams there are
  • The host can set it to automatically shuffle the teams
  • Teams have different colors and icons
  • A scoreboard displays teams’ kills and individual player kills
  • Players have knockback resistance that degrades as they get hurt more, and this resistance increases when they’re healed
  • Players gain gold by damaging enemies and healing allies. Dealing the killing blow on someone also pays out a bit more gold
  • Players respawn at their original location after X seconds for now
  • Lights can be added and removed in the world editor, and their brightness, size, and color can be changed
  • Spells that were added: blink (an instant teleport) and charge (a push on your player in a chosen direction)