Current ToDo

I’ve accomplished everything on my last todo list and some more! Here is what I am currently working on:



After many hours, the login system is very nearly complete


Masterserver Backend

Happy Sunday! I worked all night on a username authentication system that involves activation codes purchased from BMT Micro, and it is coming along well. Unfortunately, this is all boring background stuff, so there’s not much to show! Usernames and passwords will be really beneficial toward server owners who want to ban some people, and there becomes a possibility of a friend list and friend chatting.

Getting Organized

I’ve created an account with as per the recomendation from the gamedev subreddit, and I am liking it so far. I have decided on a default game mode: Tile Capture. In the Tile Capture game mode, designated tiles can be captured by players for their team by walking over them, and these tiles give them points toward winning the game and bonus gold and/or powerups or whathaveyou.


Canrips and Cooldowns Progress

I have a ton of changes for you chums! I have been adding a lot to the game, as this video will show off. Things added: better spell and background graphics, blood, walls, music (5 songs so far!), a loading screen (not shown here), an options menu, wasd control scheme, and more. I think I have locked in the official game name as “Cantrips and Cooldowns”.