New UI Elements

In an effort to polish things until I go insane, I have upgraded the interface a bit! The default size of the inventory icons are now 64×64, so I redid all of the icons into more high definition versions as seen here ¬†and added the option to make them smaller to help out the folks on smaller screens. There is a neat transition between game states, and controls can be bound freely now.


Orbiter Overhaul

I’ve upgraded the background graphics (yet again), so it is more pretty most of the time! I’m also almost finished with the Orbiter spell, seen here. It just needs some nice hitting sound, an icon, knockback and maybe a casting sound. I have fully implemented casting and a colorful casting animation, and am very close to finishing the offline mode, where you don’t connect to the master server at all. Oh yeah! And I also added text for when someone gets hurt or healed, so that’s cool too.