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Image importing tests are going well!


The Beginning of Something Great: Expressions

I’ve been working on the player art recently, and you could say that it’s been coming along well. Your player will react to damage, allies dying and respawning, low health, and casting and stuff. More to come on that!

Here are the team heads/hats/icons as of now:



Hey everybody! I’ve been working on updating spell and item icons so they don’t look as much like programmer art. I’ve been learning how to use Inkscape, and that’s coming along nicely. I also squished a lot of bugs, made regions more efficient by sticking lights into them instead of a different file, made it so you can open up the options map in-game, and added a minimap that shows the locations of capture tiles, teammates, and enemies:

10-23-2013 (13-47-09-731)

I also added more options to the options menu and did a lot of other cool stuff that I can’t remember!

Pretty Graphics

The world has been prettied up again! The ground and wall tiles are now 3D, and even though it’s not perfect, it looks so much cooler. The ground tiles’ colors are slightly influenced by the background color now, which gives it more of an atmosphere. I have decided to change how upgrades work (again): each spell and item will have Basic upgrades and Augments. The basic upgrades do simple things: increase the range/damage/cooldown reduction/whathaveyou of a spell, 5 levels of each one can be bought, and you can buy more than one kind of basic upgrade per spell. Augments are different though: they only have one level and only one augment can be bought per item or spell, but they add a little unique modifier to it. For instance, Plasma Ball has an augment that makes it not explode upon impact with other spells, which can be very good depending on what spells your enemies use.