Spotlight On: Slivers

Non-Augmented Slivers

Slivers with Whirlwind Augment

Basic Upgrades

(The tooltip rounds to the nearest decimal place. Each upgrade actually reduces the cooldown by .02 seconds)



Accelerating Cap (so far)

From the description: The Accelerating Cap is a new item that reduces the cooldown of your spells. It also has a nice Augment that you can purchase to give you one free spell every 30 seconds (the spell does not go on cooldown, so you can instantly cast it again). Here, I show off a combo where I Charge, Repel, and Charge away because the cap refreshed Charge. I still have more Augments to add to the Accelerating Cap of course.

I’ll come back and do a proper item spotlight once it’s finished, so don’t fret!