Build 100!

Check out cool shockwaves!

Yeah so I jumped from 93 to 100, but I did it because it’s a big patch!

  • Remade Ice Sheet icon
  • Ice Sheet has a casting sound now! It’s crunchy
  • Traction Ice Sheet: 20 gold: allies don’t slip on your sheets
  • Thin Ice Sheet: 25 gold: enemies can’t see your sheets
  • Laser Shot cooldown down to 2 from 4
  • Laser Shot damage down to 2-3 from 4-6
  • Laser Shot fatigue down to .02 from .04
  • Laser Shot knockback down to 70 from 90
  • Laser Shot’s sound is randomly pitch-shifted
  • Loaded Laser Shot snare down to .2 seconds from .3
  • Loaded Laser Shot additional knockback down to 30 from 40
  • Players’ health/maxhealth are displayed above their health bar now
  • Readded ability to lower Repel’s Self Damage, but it now costs 14 per upgrade instead of 10
  • Shinier in-game UI elements
  • Prettier cast range indicators with circles every 100 pixels
  • New Energy system that ties in with the new spell, Lunge
  • Created Lunge and its Augments! Its augments only go off if you have one bar of energy
  • Added bots! (they don’t know how to play on capture maps or capture energy orbs yet)
  • Changed the layout of the lobby a bit: now the seats are in the center of the screen so that they don’t overlap with the chat on small resolutions with a lot of teams
  • Re-did art on some tiles
  • Added a shockwave effect to Plasma Ball and Meteor (a biiig one on meteor)
  • Fixed Ghostly Homing not colliding with players properly after going through a wall

What’s next?

  • Moving more options into the lobby so servers don’t have to be reset from slight changes
  • More spells!
  • Smarter bots!

This is War

I tested adding more bots to surpass the 12 player limit, and to my mild surprise, it worked real well! There are 100 bots in this game. I didn’t want the video to be too long, so I set the death cap at 20. I gotta figure out why the blue guys like to run into the Void.


It’s been a bit over a week since I put a patch out because I plan on having the next one be a nice, big one with bots, a finished Ice Sheet, an Energy system, and a new spell and tile that work with the energy system. I’ve mainly been working on the logic for bots recently, and they’ve become pretty good at the game! In this video, I gave them 10,000 gold and spawned 11 of them to watch the chaos. They’re relentless.

Build 93: Scoreboard and 25,000 lines of code!

Now you can open up a handy-dandy scoreboard by pressing tab in-game! ¬†It also shows up in lobbies post-game.¬†Distance traveled is measured in tiles (so, 32 pixels per unit). Also, Orbiter’s damage was nerfed to 3-4.5 from 3-6, but its cost is halved to 10 from 20. All of the UI code to get the scoreboard to work put me over the 25,000 line mark, woopwoop! I’m gonna go celebrate by sleeping.

Build 92

  • The start of the utility spell, Ice Sheet (no augments or sounds yet): A rectangle of slipperiness that acts as a platform preventing void damage. It slows enemies and speeds up allies.
  • If walls are set to have 0 or less health in serveroptions.txt, they’re invincible
  • Payback Harmonic Absorber is different: now it increases knockback forces applied to enemies by [your knockback multiplier * 8]%
  • Replaced Weakening Wand of Piercing with Looting (costs 40 gold): You are granted 20 extra gold when you kill someone
  • Cure cast time up to a flat .5 from .4-0
  • Cure cooldown up to 15 from 10
  • Cure heal up to 4.5 from 3
  • Cooldown basic upgrade for Cure: 15-10 seconds with a 12 gold price between each level
  • Lifeforce Ring lifesteal down to 8-16 from 10-20
  • Repel cooldown up to 10 from 6
  • Repel’s damage-to-self upgrade is removed
  • Repel’s tooltip fixed
  • Tether’s damage per second down to 3-4.5 from 4-6
  • Tether’s damage upgrade cost lowered to 9 from 10
  • Tether’s projectile speed increased to 700 from 650
  • Tether’s range increased to 650 from 600
  • Tether’s cooldown down to 13 from 15

Build 91

  • Removed Map selector accidentally being in the lobby for people who aren’t the host
  • Payback Harmonic Absorber gold granted down to 2 from 5
  • Payback Harmonic Absorber cost down to 22 from 25
  • Accumulating Wand of Piercing is not lost upon death now
  • Accumulating Wand of Piercing stacks 4% per kill up to 20%
  • Slowing Breastplate’s duration up to 2 seconds from 1.5
  • Adrenaline Breastplate threshold up to 25% from 20%, but its damage reduction down to 25% from 30%
  • Recoil Momentum Cape now applies a Force that gets modified by your knockback multiplier instead of a Displacement