Build 106: It’s Been a While

  • Fixed tooltip on Lunge
  • Energized Lunge’s slow increased to 50% from 30%
  • New Ice Sheet Icon
  • Green saturation on Thin Ice Sheet has been lowered
  • Capture the flag game mode work has begun!

I’ve been really busy with school (calculus 2, to be exact) and work and a car crash, and it’s been a shame since I haven’t been able to program so much. I hope that I can get back into the flow of game production again soon.

I began work on capture the flag, which works, but it still requires a bit of tinkering (sounds and chat messages and the like). I also started on changing the game system. I’ll soon put up a patch that lets people create full accounts for free (including the map editor and color changing options and server list). No one has bought it yet, so I don’t see a problem in doing this.


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