Build 109: Flags!

Important: FreeDNS has been under attack, so you might not be able to download the latest updater, so be sure to download that here to replace your “updater.jar” file! This file should fix the problem:

  • A sound is played when a flag is dropped off
  • Flags are more easily seen on the minimap and show up even if held by people
  • There is now a visual indicator on the UI pointing in the direction of flags on the battlefield
  • Flags drop on the nearest non-lava ground tile
  • There is now a chat message for when someone picks up, loses, and drops off a flag
  • Flags are now lost when a player reaches a certain velocity. The value can be changed in the serveroptions.txt
  • Flags are now lost when a player casts a movement spell (this doesn’t include Lunge unless it reaches the velocity threshold)
  • Flags cannot be picked up by a Propelling player
  • Increased min and max energy orb respawn timers to 20-30 from 15-20
  • Laser Shot speed increased to 1250 pixels per second from 1100

A flag tile can be created by choosing the third tile in the map editor. Players can drop off flags at enemy spawns (when making a capture map, choose a tile that stands out and place it where the spawns are so people know where to drop off flags)


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