Build 105: Cleanse Spotlight

In the .gif above, I take a hit with a plasma ball and use Energized Cleanse to reflect and clear the force applied to me. The white particles denote that someone cleansed, and the orange/red particles denote who the ailments are transfered to.


Build 93: Scoreboard and 25,000 lines of code!

Now you can open up a handy-dandy scoreboard by pressing tab in-game! ¬†It also shows up in lobbies post-game.¬†Distance traveled is measured in tiles (so, 32 pixels per unit). Also, Orbiter’s damage was nerfed to 3-4.5 from 3-6, but its cost is halved to 10 from 20. All of the UI code to get the scoreboard to work put me over the 25,000 line mark, woopwoop! I’m gonna go celebrate by sleeping.

Build 92

  • The start of the utility spell, Ice Sheet (no augments or sounds yet): A rectangle of slipperiness that acts as a platform preventing void damage. It slows enemies and speeds up allies.
  • If walls are set to have 0 or less health in serveroptions.txt, they’re invincible
  • Payback Harmonic Absorber is different: now it increases knockback forces applied to enemies by [your knockback multiplier * 8]%
  • Replaced Weakening Wand of Piercing with Looting (costs 40 gold): You are granted 20 extra gold when you kill someone
  • Cure cast time up to a flat .5 from .4-0
  • Cure cooldown up to 15 from 10
  • Cure heal up to 4.5 from 3
  • Cooldown basic upgrade for Cure: 15-10 seconds with a 12 gold price between each level
  • Lifeforce Ring lifesteal down to 8-16 from 10-20
  • Repel cooldown up to 10 from 6
  • Repel’s damage-to-self upgrade is removed
  • Repel’s tooltip fixed
  • Tether’s damage per second down to 3-4.5 from 4-6
  • Tether’s damage upgrade cost lowered to 9 from 10
  • Tether’s projectile speed increased to 700 from 650
  • Tether’s range increased to 650 from 600
  • Tether’s cooldown down to 13 from 15

Build 89

  • Minimap is now smaller and is always visible (in top-left corner)
  • Your gold is now displayed in the top-center
  • Fix for game crash when using ctrl+alt+del
  • Sweet background square shake upon being hurt! Now it’s even more dramatic to get closer to death
  • Changed the colors of teams 11 and 12 to purple and yellow so that it’s easier to tell them apart from the others
  • A circle of a person’s team color is now drawn under them

New UI:

Build 88

Now there’s a neat little particle effect in addition to blood for when people get damaged by the void! There’s also a sound for it too.

  • Fix for Laser Shot not hitting players after it phases through spells
  • Laser Shot now innately applies 90 units of knockback force, and Loaded increases this knockback to 130
  • Laser Shot Tri augment now lowers the knockback and knockback multiplier increase by the same amount that the damage is reduced by (50% right now)
  • Slowing Aura Damaging augment damage increased to 5 from 3
  • Slowing Aura radius increased to 100 from 85
  • Slowing Aura’s slow can be upgraded now: 20-33% with an 8 gold cost per level
  • Tether damage down to 4-6 from 4-8, and its upgrade cost lowered to 10 from 20
  • Charge’s force on you lowered to 640-800 from 640-960, and its upgrade cost lowered to 8 from 10
  • Slivers range increased to 400-500 from 350-500, and its upgrade cost lowered to 12 from 15
  • Slivers damage decreased to 10-15 from 12-18
  • Homing ghostly augment cost up to 10 from 5
  • Propel duration down to 3 seconds from 3.5
  • Anchor Arena augment cost up to 40 from 20
  • Anchor Ranged augment cost up to 30 from 20
  • Anchor cost up to 90 from 75
  • Added particle effect for when players are damaged by the Void
  • Added sound for when players are damaged by the Void